Pingvin Revolution – Ultraviolence In Riga (Yogzatot Video 009)

Posted in Video by Yamamayoo on January 20, 2009

Riga, Latvia. 13.01.2009.

A peaceful demonstration in Doma square with 10000 participants against Latvian government’s mishandling of economic crisis and poor economic situation transformed into aggression and all-out riot shortly after demonstration’s official end.

About 1000 people tried to storm Saeima (Latvia’s government headquarters) and attacked riot police with cobblestones and bottles. Police cars were set ablaze and turned over, shops were looted and windows smashed.

Police responded to crowd’s actions with truncheons, tear gas and firing rubber bullets. For first time in independent Latvia’s history police declared high alert in capital. There were 106 people arrested and for 51 people (among them – policemen) medical care was needed.

Riot has been described as one of the worst from 1991’s collapse of Soviet Union.

In this video we used song from HeartsRevolutionUltraviolence” (Streetlife DJs Remix).

We also recommend you to watch our previous bootleg video “Killing In The Name Of” in which we fully explored theme “history of violence”.


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