Last Whale Standing (Yogzatot Video 011)

Posted in Video by Yamamayoo on March 14, 2009

We created our video “Last Whale Standing” in order to help spread the word about killings of hundreds of innocent whales.

Video consists of three different parts so please watch till the end. In first part we showed you different kinds of whales which humans killed for thousands of years. In second part we showed you how they kill whales today in our modern world. And third part dedicated to people who try to stop slaughter of innocent whales.

We want also to emphasize that whales are killed not only by Japanese whalers, but also commercially in Norway and Iceland, as well in USA, Russia, Greenland, Canada, Bequia, Faroe Islands, Indonesia and illegally in many others countries such as South Korea and Philippines.

If you want to find more information about this theme you can read  series of posts in our “Last Whale Standing” wiki.

In this video we used BBC documentary series “Blue Planet“, Animal Planet recent documentary “Whale Wars” and a lot of video from YouTube. And for the music we used song “Last Man Standing” from British electronic music group Hybrid.

We hope “Last Whale Standing” will help you to understand sufferings of this magnificent creatures and we hope you share this video with your friends.

And please watch this video in High Quality!


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  1. Sheherazat said, on July 18, 2010 at 4:19 am

    Thank you for the outstanding work of you. I would like to use this video for one of my lessons at school. How can i get the permission, please?

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