Agonoize – Eye On You (Yogzatot Bootleg Video 013)

Posted in Video by Yamamayoo on July 15, 2009

We present our new video project where is addressed cold war theme – view on USSR with the eyes of West.

Angry, hungry Soviet Russia is coming for you, and they are going to eat you all alive and bomb everything that moves! No mercy, no democracy. Big Eye of Stalin and Nomenclatura is watching you, they want you. NKVD is going to talk with you, they have a few questions! Big Brother is watching you, even in your toilet. Nixon, Bush or any other won’t save you because Nikita Khrushchev is totally drunk and he doesn’t give a shit, he is ready to take a ride on a rocket like a cowboy. And wait for Lenin – he is packed into nuclear rocket and ready to explode in a Big Revolutionary Mushroom Cloud.
Actually in this video everyone got kicked in their asses in a final. This time somehow New/Old/Soviet World Orders didn’t impressed our imagination so on a list of concepts of world we would like to live these doesn’t fit into first places.

This video was achieved using mixture of techniques, in additional to linear editing we integrated methods of VJ – video djing by mixing video, applying real-time effects in VJ software and than recording all that chaos and adding to linear video editing. Aspect ratio of video is 4:3 which is different of our previous 16:9 videos. That’s mostly because of added VJ techniques where more preferable is video of 4:3 aspect ratio since these are common dimensions of projector screens while live music events. We also acknowledge that video isn’t in best possible quality – source files weren’t best ones.

Agonoize is a German Aggrotech band constituted of Mike Johnson (composition, programming, production & mastering), Oliver Senger (composition & programming) and Chris L (lyrics & vocals). This video is our first take on industrial music.

Agonoize – Eye On You (Yogzatot Bootleg Video 013)

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