Yogzatot VJs

Posted in VJing by Yamamayoo on April 14, 2010

If you wonder why we were absent for so long time (almost a year) – here is our answer – Yogzatot team became obsessed with new form of creative media and transformed themselves into Yogzatot VJs.

We became a good friends of Latvian creative societies Black Masquarade and Sturm, and supported them during their performances with our VJing.

List of Yogzatot VJs performances:

  1. 15.08.2009 – Return To Castle Wolfenstein (Elektra, Riga)
  2. 30.10.2009 – Nightmare Before Christmas (R2 Cehs, Jelgava)
  3. 12.12.2009 – Industrial Power Punk In Action (Elektra, Riga)
  4. 26.12.2009 – Juodenklaus (Elektra, Riga)
  5. 09.01.2010 – Suomolaista Industrialia (Elektra, Riga)
  6. 15.01.2010 – Fetish Fling (Elektra, Riga)
  7. 23.01.2010 – Esoterica Noir  (Elektra, Riga)
  8. 13.02.2010 – Elektra Anniversary  (Elektra, Riga)
  9. 25.02.2010 – Black And White Planet at LMA Carnaval (Art Academy Of Latvia, Riga)
  10. 13.03.2010 – Femme En Force (Elektra, Riga)
  11. 03.04.2010 – Bloody Century (Elektra, Riga)
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