Children Of Cronus And Rhea

Posted in Infographic by VideoDoc on May 21, 2010

Update: The first version of Yogzatot’s “Family Tree Of Greek Gods” is online!

This is first part of our huge infographic dedicated to mighty ancient Greek Gods and their family relations. We discovered on wikipedia a schematic “family tree of the Greek Gods” and decided to change it into more visual infographic.

In this project we used such software as:

  • Gimp for processing of source images (some images taken from Wikipedia, some from DeviantArt);
  • Inkscape for drawing schem of infographic (you can see aproximate scale of this work in this picture);
  • 3ds Max 2008 for modeling 3d elements;
  • Grow:Ivy plugin for 3ds Max for simulation of growing plants.

This project is open for collaboration. If you want to help us to finish this enormous infographic contact us (yogzatot [at] gmail.com). Especially needed artists for drawing images of gods and their descendants.


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