Halloween Performance

Posted in VJing by Yamamayoo on November 2, 2010

Specially for Halloween night Yogzatot team created performance based on different horror films which we presented in night club NabaKlab in Riga (30.10.2010).

We created 12 different videos on 12 different songs (mainly industrial) which we mixed in one seamless mix in Ableton Live:

  1. Zombie Girl – Halloween ’09 (video based on “House Of 1000 Corpses“).
  2. Grendel – Crucify (video based on “Rabid Grannies” and “The Exorcist“).
  3. Suicide Commando – Hellraiser (video based on different “Hellraiser” films).
  4. Rosewater – O2 (video based on Soviet classic film “Собачье Сердце“).
  5. Dulce Liquido – Macabre Secrets (our first experiment with filming and working on our own footage)

  6. Godsmack – Vampires (video based on “30 Days Of Night”)

  7. Obszon Geschopf – Urge To Kill (video based on “My Bloody Valentine 3D”)

  8. Zombie Girl – Creepy Crawler (video based on “Slither”)

  9. Stahlnebel Vs Black Selket – Sick (video based on “Pathology”)

  10. Menschdefekt – Dekadenz (video based on “Pulse”)

  11. Aural Vampire – Deisukokingu (video based on “Catacombs”)

  12. Baal – Wreckage (video based on anime “Afro Samurai”)

Some of this videos we will upload in future in our YouTube channel, and others we will save and use only in our live performances.

In this performance we finally started to control music with help of Ableton Live. We created special “light” version of our Halloween performance mix, using only industrial tracks from the whole mix.

Mp3: Yogzatot – Halloween Light mix


  1. Zombie Girl – Halloween ’09
  2. Grendel – Crucify
  3. Suicide Commando – Hellraiser
  4. Zombie Girl – Creepy Crawler

  5. Stahlnebel Vs Black Selket – Sick

  6. Menschdefekt – Dekadenz

  7. Aural Vampire – Deisukokingu

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