Dulce Liquido – Macabre Secrets (Yogzatot 022)

Posted in Video by VideoDoc on February 12, 2011

Some time ago our team had successfully finished one of the first music-video filmed, edited and finished by ourselves.

Project was started with a goal of creating music-video with elements of horror genre. It continues a line of Horror Music Videos (HMV) we started to develop recently. Opportunity of having for a time a camera in our hands was utilized in improvised fashion.  Song of choise fell on “Macabre Secrets“,  song written by Mexican EBM/industrial band Dulce Liquido.

This project represents the first seeds of inspiration “sucked into” us during our creative collaboration as VJs with Latvian industrial music sub-culture and from industrial music itself.

Video deals with a desolated human-like being wandering around in abandoned, decayed building and experiencing  fears from outside world.

Dulce Liquido – Macabre Secrets (Yogzatot 022)

Images From Video

Actor – Gatis Udrass, our friend, team-mate and 3D modeler.


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