Creepmare (Yogzatot 025)

Posted in Video by Yamamayoo on November 6, 2011

It is time to shed some light on dark corners of ghost-universe and parallel worlds which might or may not exist.
Creepmare” is a result of our continuous efforts in exploring world of supernatural and horror in context of music and video. It is our next Horror Music Video (HMV) created with a mixture of horror-ambient and industrial music.

Creepmare (Yogzatot 025)


Music used (in order of appearence):
1) intro: Claustrum & Traur Zot – Return To The Past By Silence
Claustrum folks are pioneers of Latvian industrial scene.

2) song 1: Hocico – About The Dead


3) song 2: Contaminant – The Way We Twidth


4) outro: Sophia – Adeptus Last Movement


Psycho Trigger – Everybody Together (Yogzatot 024)

Posted in Video by Yamamayoo on November 2, 2011

Official video for our friends Psycho Trigger, industrial metal band based in Wellingborough, UK, you can find them on MySpace, Facebook  or Vampirefreaks.

Psycho Trigger – Everybody Together (Yogzatot 024)

And as always you can download this video as well any other Yogzatot videos from our Download page.

Family Tree Of Greek Gods (Version 01)

Posted in Infographic by Yamamayoo on November 1, 2011

The first version of our massively huge infographic project “Family Tree Of Greek Gods”. This infographic will be periodically updated with new deities, images and different visual elements, and we hope it will become the biggest Family Tree of Greek Gods available online! So stay tuned and check this blog more often and don’t forget to visit our Facebook Page for latest news.

Autogen – Bunkergang (Yogzatot 023)

Posted in Video by VideoDoc on April 22, 2011

Sealed behind heavy stainless steel doors, surrounded by concrete walls and being somewhere deeply underground is not an answer and escape from fears. Emergency situation is a battle for a life. For a life where every day will be emergency, be it even artificially created by a few without notice…

Bunkergang” is a video created in collaboration with industrial music label “Sturm” and musicians from newly formed band “Autogen“. It represents our ongoing collaboration with local industrial sub-culture in Riga. Video material filmed by “Sturm” folks in real, still functional bunker. Song written by Kaspars Kalniņš from “Autogen” who is also one of the founders of former “Rosewater” – one of the most recognized industrial band in Latvia which set new quality standards and performed abroad as well.

Our team helped out with video editing, assembling all footage into one piece, laying out the “story” and adding some minor video effects.

Autogen – Bunkergang (Yogzatot 023)

Images from video

Dulce Liquido – Macabre Secrets (Yogzatot 022)

Posted in Video by VideoDoc on February 12, 2011

Some time ago our team had successfully finished one of the first music-video filmed, edited and finished by ourselves.

Project was started with a goal of creating music-video with elements of horror genre. It continues a line of Horror Music Videos (HMV) we started to develop recently. Opportunity of having for a time a camera in our hands was utilized in improvised fashion.  Song of choise fell on “Macabre Secrets“,  song written by Mexican EBM/industrial band Dulce Liquido.

This project represents the first seeds of inspiration “sucked into” us during our creative collaboration as VJs with Latvian industrial music sub-culture and from industrial music itself.

Video deals with a desolated human-like being wandering around in abandoned, decayed building and experiencing  fears from outside world.

Dulce Liquido – Macabre Secrets (Yogzatot 022)

Images From Video

Actor – Gatis Udrass, our friend, team-mate and 3D modeler.