Autogen – All Becomes Grass (Yogzatot 029)

Posted in Video by Yamamayoo on January 8, 2013

Our second video for Latvian industrial band Augoten – “Par Zaali (All Becomes Grass).” You can find more information about this interesting band in this article from 4brecords dedicated to their album “Mutagen”.

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Autogen – Bunkergang (Yogzatot 023)

Posted in Video by VideoDoc on April 22, 2011

Sealed behind heavy stainless steel doors, surrounded by concrete walls and being somewhere deeply underground is not an answer and escape from fears. Emergency situation is a battle for a life. For a life where every day will be emergency, be it even artificially created by a few without notice…

Bunkergang” is a video created in collaboration with industrial music label “Sturm” and musicians from newly formed band “Autogen“. It represents our ongoing collaboration with local industrial sub-culture in Riga. Video material filmed by “Sturm” folks in real, still functional bunker. Song written by Kaspars Kalniņš from “Autogen” who is also one of the founders of former “Rosewater” – one of the most recognized industrial band in Latvia which set new quality standards and performed abroad as well.

Our team helped out with video editing, assembling all footage into one piece, laying out the “story” and adding some minor video effects.

Autogen – Bunkergang (Yogzatot 023)

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