CreepToys (Yogzatot 027)

Posted in Video by Yamamayoo on February 26, 2012

Dolls and toys getting out of control and go mad and brutal.

Music used in this video:
1) Tankist (veerot) “Sapnis”
tankist (veerot) is amongst ones of most recognized Latvian dark ambient artists with his own developed very unique sounding. His music was and continuous to be crucial in developing Latvian dark ambient genre. Listen to the artist works here.

2) Rosewater “Fasctrot”
Rosewater is the most recognized industrial band in Latvia who’s set new standart of sound quality for local industrial music. This circus-like tune while not being their style, it still does the trick for the video.

3) Converter “Reflex”

Video taken from horror film “Demonic Toys“.

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Dulce Liquido – Macabre Secrets (Yogzatot 022)

Posted in Video by VideoDoc on February 12, 2011

Some time ago our team had successfully finished one of the first music-video filmed, edited and finished by ourselves.

Project was started with a goal of creating music-video with elements of horror genre. It continues a line of Horror Music Videos (HMV) we started to develop recently. Opportunity of having for a time a camera in our hands was utilized in improvised fashion.  Song of choise fell on “Macabre Secrets“,  song written by Mexican EBM/industrial band Dulce Liquido.

This project represents the first seeds of inspiration “sucked into” us during our creative collaboration as VJs with Latvian industrial music sub-culture and from industrial music itself.

Video deals with a desolated human-like being wandering around in abandoned, decayed building and experiencing  fears from outside world.

Dulce Liquido – Macabre Secrets (Yogzatot 022)

Images From Video

Actor – Gatis Udrass, our friend, team-mate and 3D modeler.

Godsmack – Vampires (Yogzatot 020)

Posted in Video by Yamamayoo on November 9, 2010

Another  HMV (Horror Music Video) from our Halloween performance. This time it is video on Godsmack “Vampires” about vampires who eat their hunters on lunch based on horror film “30 Days Of Night“.

Aural Vampire – Disco King (Yogzatot 019)

Posted in Video by Yamamayoo on November 7, 2010

Third Horror Music Video (HMV) from our Halloween performance.

Music from Japanese group Aural Vampire track “Disco King” (or as Japanese call it “Deisukokingu”) from album “Vampire Ecstasy”. Video from horror film “Catacombs”.